Master of Science in Organizational Development


About Online Learning

You will typically be participating in one, seven‐week‐long course at a time. With this design, you have the ability to focus on one course at a time instead of dividing your attention among several courses. A full‐time online student will take two, seven‐week courses per semester year‐round.

Forms of coursework include class discussion boards, group work, videos posted by the instructor, readings and applying concepts to real‐life experiences via written assignments.

Additionally, with small class sizes of approximately 20 students, we believe you’ll have the chance to add strong connections in your professional network.

Support Network

ACU has built this degree around your lifestyle and learning needs. We are here to support you every step of the way so that your experience is as fulfilling and flexible as possible.

We offer you a multi‐level support network including:

  • Enrollment Advisor – Counsels you through the application process
  • Student Service Manager – Works with the university on your behalf
  • Small Group Instructor – Guides you through the course content and requirements
  • Faculty – Develops the curriculum and constantly assesses its relevance and timeliness
  • Technical Support – Assists you with any technical problems you may have – live 24/7

Technical Requirements

Software requirements

PC Mac
Microsoft Windows XP (or higher) Apple Macintosh 10.5 OS X Leopard (or higher)
Internet Explorer 7,8,9,
Mozilla Firefox (14 higher)
Safari 4 (or higher) or Mozilla Firefox (14 or higher)
Adobe Flash Player, Java  

Hardware requirements

  • Both PC and MAC Recommended Desktop and Laptop Hardware:
  • 1024 x 768 resolution monitor and supporting video card
  • Any system should have a backup device (Zip, tape, CD/DVD RW) to copy and protect important files as well as a USB Flash Drive (1GB or greater) for transferring data
  • Sound card with speakers
  • Cable/DLS connection Internet Connection

Recommended Desktop Requirements

PC Mac
Compatible PC: 2.5 Ghz, 100GB hard drive, at least 1 GB RAM, CD/DVD drive Apple 2.5 Ghz, 100GB hard drive, CD/DVD drive

Recommended Laptop Requirements

PC Mac
PC Laptop 1.4 Ghz, 100GB hard drive, at least 1GB RAM Apple MacBook: 1.83 Ghz, 100GB hard drive, 1GB RAM

Student Testimonials

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“I am a better person both professionally and personally. The mediation skills, communication skills and HR knowledge improved my relationships in every aspect of my life.”
— Pamela Ellison (’13), M.S. in Organizational Development

“The core conflict resolution component of the program impacted my personal life positively. The leadership development component impacted both personal and career. These two components gave me knowledge and tools to be a more confident leader and to be able to manage relationships more effectively.”
— Maria Madriz (’12), M.S. in Organizational Development

“I knew Abilene had a solid reputation, and I knew that the Master of Science in Organizational and Human Resource Development would not only help me in my current job, but would also be a good base for furthering my education with a doctoral degree. My decision to take the leap into distance learning at Abilene has changed my life, given me more focus and made me feel a renewed sense of purpose.
— Bethany Huxford Davis (‘10), M.S. in Organizational Development

“Graduate education has prepared me to be a leader. One of my weaknesses was dealing with difficult people, and we had several classes on that. It really taught me how to be a leader with individuals from different cultures and different backgrounds than mine.”
— Rachel Ross (‘10), M.S. in Organizational Development

“As a Christian, I loved the fact that I was attending a school that was able to integrate the spiritual with the professional, and I think that added another element to the courses that you wouldn’t have in other schools. I feel I gained a greater sense of confidence and purpose by going through this program, and it shows in what I’ve been able to produce.”
— Angela Wilson (‘11), M.S. in Organizational Development


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